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Yacht Range 31
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Yacht Range 245
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Our Range of Boats

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All our British Hunter boats have the attributes of high standard of build, ease of handling, and an unrivalled sailing performance combined with many new features to appeal to sailors of all levels. These David Thomas designed yachts add a different dimension to cruising and racing sailing, and will appeal to all ages. They are affordable and cost effective to run, and fun to sail. These sporty, robust family orientated boats are amongst the most versatile on the market today.


All British Hunter boats boast a selection of keel configurations, from twin fins or single fin on the Channel 245, 27  and 31, to the twin fins, asymmetric leeboards, or the single lifting fin on the 20 Sport and 20 Mini C.


Our boats are all built at our factory in the world famous boat building shipyard of Willments (formerly Whites) on the banks of the River Itchen in Southampton. This shipyard’s boat building heritage is vast and well respected though out history, boasting the production of the range of Rival Bowman to Solaris Yachts, and also many smaller boats such as the Marcon range.


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